Precinct 7

About Michael Coleman

Michael Coleman is proud to be a native Houstonian. Michael is the son of Ms. Mary who owned several businesses (Almeda Lounge, Ms. Mary Anchor, Mary’s Place) in the community. He grew up in South Park, went to Cullen Middle School, and graduated from the “Mighty” Jack Yates High School in the Third Ward.   

Michael has been with the Harris County Constable Office Precinct 5 for over twenty-seven years. He holds the rank of Captain and is currently a member of the Constable’s Executive Command Staff. He was the first African-American to make the rank of Lieutenant and Captain at Precinct 5. Michael currently commands the Patrol Support Services Bureau, a job he has mastered over the seven years he has spent there. In this capacity, he personally oversees the enforcement activities of over one hundred seventy personnel assigned to that division. Additionally, he also commands the departmental Communications Division.

During Michael’s law enforcement career, he has served in a variety of field and supervisory assignments in the Patrol Division, Criminal Warrants Division and the Tactical Division. Michael is also a Public Information Officer and spokesperson for Precinct Five, often tasked with speaking with the media, disseminating information regarding departmental business and passing-on relevant information to the community.

Michael holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice Studies from Sam Houston University, Master Peace Officer Certification, TCLEOSE Instructor License, Concealed Hand Gun Instructor License and Mental Health Certification.

Experienced Lawman

  • Has served in every rank of the Harris County Constable’s Office, moving up through the ranks and presently holds the rank of Captain serving on the Constable’s Executive Command Staff
  • Highly trained and qualified
  • Licensed Master Peace Officer by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officers Standards and Education


  • Jack Yates High School 
  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Studies, Sam Houston University
  • Masters Degree in Criminal Justice from Lamar University
  • TCLEOSE Instructor
  • Concealed Hand Gun Instructor

Active in Civic and Community Affairs


  • Fraternal Order of Police 39
  • Member of Masonic Lodge 421
  • Black Heritage Society
  • Harris County Council Organizations - GTN
  • Texas Municipal Police Association